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Fall Prevention Tips: Ways to Improve Safety at Home


Falls are the leading cause of injuries among older adults. For older adults, one bad fall can have a serious impact on their health and quality of life. In addition to receiving care from a provider of home health care in Saint Louis, Missouri, there are steps you can take to improve safety at home and reduce the risk of falls.

Likewise, here are some fall prevention tips to keep in mind:

  • Remove Trip Hazards
    Examples of trip hazards in your senior loved one’s home may include stacks of old newspapers or books, loose wires or floorboards, and throw rugs. Clutter in the hallways or near furniture where they sit can also cause them to trip and fall. It’s crucial to remove these trip hazards and organize the home.
  • Improve the Lighting
    Poor lighting can cause falls at home especially if your loved one has poor mobility or vision loss. In addition to receiving in-home care, improve the lighting in key areas. This may include the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Safety can also be improved by replacing dimly lit fixtures in the hallways and stairways.
  • Install Assistive Devices
    Assistive devices like grab bars and handrails can help seniors get in and out of a sitting position. Hence, they are recommended for areas like the bathroom and can make personal care much easier. Other devices that can improve safety and comfort include shower chairs and non-slip bathroom mats.

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