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Supporting Families of Seniors With Dementia


Taking care of a loved one with Dementia is a tough reality that many people, unfortunately, live in. This is especially true when family members lack the necessary resources that would allow them to navigate the situation better. If this is something you resonate with, allow us to help you!

Here at CATER TO YOUR NEEDS HOME HEALTH CARE LLC, a trusted provider of home health care in Saint Louis, Missouri, we not only strive to have an impact on people’s lives through the services we provide. We also see that we make vital information accessible to families in need.

As experts in homecare in Biloxi, Mississippi, allow us to share the best courses of action to take in looking after a loved one with Dementia:

  • Maintain a schedule, such as bathing, dressing, and eating at the same time every day.
  • Assist the person with writing down to-do lists, appointments, and events in a notepad or calendar.
  • Take part in activities that the individual will love and try to do them around the same time each day.
  • Allow the individual to accomplish as much as possible while doing personal care duties like dressing or bathing.
  • Serve meals in a consistent, familiar setting, and allow ample time for your loved one to eat.

When the going gets tough, in-home care services can offer a wealth of benefits not just to your loved one but also to you as a caregiver!

If you’re searching for the best home health care in Biloxi MS, we might be what you’re looking for! For further details, let’s get in touch!

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